The Entertainment Ecosystems by Graham Spencer

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Graham is right on top of one of the biggest questions affecting the future of connectivity. Not only does he address the Gorilla in the store "China", but also brings into question the archaic institution of "Territories". For those of you who don't know, distribution rights to copyrighted material are given on a territory by territory basis. This means that providers have to negotiate with many, many, many etc. rights holders in order to achieve world wide distribution. This is also a technical handicap as the actual version in each territory may be different, in the worst case the provider would have to store 128 versions on there servers in order to distribute to 128 territories (countries more or less). Providing tools to keep the resulting metadata straight is a profitable sideline. Maybe someone out there can respond to the following: A. I buy a DVD in the USA and bring it to my home in Shrangri-La and watch. This is OK right? B. I rent storage space in the USA (1TB @ $20 a year). Now I buy a File in the USA and have it delivered to my storage. Still OK right? C. Now, instead of going to the USA and copying my file to a DVD and then flying home, I just move the file to my mountaintop via the internet. Whats the difference?